Brainstem with cranial and upper cervical rootlets

Curriculum Vitae



1971-1974        Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1974-1976       B. A. Princeton University 

1981               M.D. Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

1981-1982        Internship, General Surgery, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland  

1982-1983       General Medical Officer, Department of Surgery Naval Regional  

                               Medical Center  Okinawa, Japan  

1983-1988       Resident, Neurosurgery, National Naval Medical Center,    

                               Bethesda, Maryland  

1987                Epilepsy Surgery Fellow, Yale University  


1988-1990 Head, Department of Neurosurgery, Naval Hospital Oakland  Oakland, California  

1990-1992 Chief, Neurosurgery Service Tripler Army Medical                       

                                Center Honolulu, Hawaii

2002                 Completed service as Commander, US Navy Medical Corps      

1992-2002        Johnson Neurological Clinic High Point, North Carolina  

1996-2000        Chief of Surgery, High Point Regional Hospital, North Carolina 

2002-2018        Department of Neurosurgery, Colorado Kaiser Permanente

2004-2010        Regional Department Chief, Neurosurgery, Colorado Kaiser Permanente  

2005-present   Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of

                                Colorado Health Sciences

2004-present   Neurosurgery Expert, Colorado Board of Medical Examiners

2012-present    Neurosurgery Expert, Wyoming Board of Medical Examiners


1982                      National Board of Medical Examiner, #251961  

1984                      Medicine and Surgery, New York State, #158301  

1990                      Physician and Surgeon, State of California, #G 068049  

1990                      Diplomate, American Board of Neurological Surgery  

1992                      North Carolina State Medical License, #R22463  

1992                      Fellow, American College of Surgeons  

2002                     Colorado State Medical License, #40690


1983                       Congress of Neurological Surgeons  

1985                       American Epilepsy Society  

1989                       San Francisco Neurological Society  

1990                       Hawaii Association of Neurological Surgeons  

1990                       American Association of Neurological Surgeons  

1992                       American Medical Association  

1992                       North Carolina Medical Society  

1992                       American College of Surgeon  

1993                       North Carolina Neurosurgical Society  

1994                       Southern Neurosurgical Society  

1997                       North American Spine Society 

2002                      Colorado Neurosurgical Society

2011                        Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society

2012-2015              Secretary-Treasurer, Colorado Neurosurgical Society

2016-                      Vice President, Colorado Neurosurgical Society

2016-                      American Epilepsy Society


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